What's the best saddle pad to keep my horse from sweating, being so hot and overheating?

Within weeks Madhavan had a prototype of a breathable saddle pad developed and ready for testing. And after the very ...

Land Rover Kentucky Three (3) Day Event 2019 Ride Times Schedule and Live Stream

If you're like us you think this is one of the best days of the year, like Christmas in April!   Yes it's cross-count...

Best Saddle Fit

What’s the most important thing when it comes to your saddle? If you ask most people it’s saddle fit. In many ways sa...

Our Horse Gear Makes Your Gear Work Better!

Equestrians can agree on one thing: We want the most time with our ponies & the best pony time possible!

Sweat...But Don't Soak In It!

Sweating sure has a bad reputation! No one likes to be wet, sticky and smelly... EVEN YOUR HORSE!

Overheating & Sweating In Your Protective Riding Vest?

The 224 Equestrian Ride-Cool Air Vest changes everything by creating airflow between vest &  body, where there wa...

Are Your Horse’s Boots & Wraps Doing More Harm Than Good?

We’ve all seen horses get immediate wounds from a fall, hitting a fence, overreach, a trailer ride, etc.  Boots &...
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