Land Rover Kentucky Three (3) Day Event 2019 Ride Times Schedule and Live Stream

If you're like us you think this is one of the best days of the year, like Christmas in April!


Yes it's cross-country day at the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event 2019—the premier event in North America.

What's even better is that now you don't have to be there to see all of the cross country jumping runs of these amazing eventer/horse teams. You can check the ride times and schedule online and live stream right from your tablet, smartphone or computer!


We're certain you'll agree that the only thing bigger than the 5 start jumps today are the hearts of the riders and horses on course. This event is a culmination of years of dreaming and preparation by professionals and novice alike. There are amazing stories of well bred horses pointed here from birth, and also of off the track thoroughbreds starting a second career. We love those who have vision, chase dreams and never give  up.


At 224equestrian, this same spirit drives us to create gear that’s never been seen before to help horses and riders take their game where it’s never been before. The Ride-Cool Air Vest worn under a rider's safety vest creates a layer of ventilation, so cooling airflow can take heat and moisture away. The rider stays cooler, drier, and more comfortable and can better focus on the questions at hand. The Dri-Cool Air Saddle Pad and Dri-Cool Air Boots similarly create ventilation under saddle and under boots and wraps so that sweat doesn’t accumulate and legs don’t get excessively hot. Horses are more comfortable and can perform better, and tendons are better protected. All this translates into less distraction and improves partnership between horse and rider.

We are proud to be part of improving the ride.

We can't wait to see all the action today and wish every horse and rider a safe trip and a heck of a lot of fun.

Ride Cool. Ride Dry. Ride Big.


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