Overheating & Sweating In Your Protective Riding Vest?

Sometimes you have to wear your protective riding vest. But it’s usually not comfortable…it usually means you’re going to sweat, because since your body can’t breathe, heat and moisture build up underneath, even in cold temperatures, and you end up hot, wet and stinky.


Many people try to solve this problem by wearing expensive “moisture wicking” shirts to help deal with excessive perspiration. However, these shirts were designed for professional athletes, to be worn exposed to fresh air. They're meant to wick the moisture from your body and let it evaporate into the atmosphere. But the second you put on your vest, you COMPLETELY take away the ability for these shirts to do their job. What they actually end up doing is wicking the moisture into your vest! That’s why despite wearing these expensive shirts, when you take it off, your vest is soaked, your shirt is soaked and it's stuck to your skin…causing you to have to literally peel it off.  Being uncomfortable from this is bad enough, but you can also develop rashes and bacterial & fungal skin infections. Eewwwwwwww.


Ride-Cool Air Vest gets two thumbs up from Jennie Brannigan 

The 224 Equestrian Ride-Cool Air Vest changes everything.  Designed to be worn underneath your protective riding vest, it creates airflow between vest and body where there wasn’t any before. Heat and moisture escape. This keeps you cooler in the heat, warmer in the cold, safer and more focused. You'll be cooler, your skin will be healthier, and your vest won’t stink.

Don’t dread wearing your protective riding vest anymore.

Get  the Ride-Cool Air Vest from 224 Equestrian.

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