Drier. Cooler. Comfortable.

Heat and moisture build-up beneath your horse's saddle and boots is not just uncomfortable - it can be dangerous. This heat and moisture build-up even occurs beneath your protective riding vest, leaving you soaked in sweat and harmful bacteria and making you feel miserable. Our products were specifically engineered to take care of these issues, keeping you and your horse drier, cooler, healthier and safer.


Blog posts

What's the best saddle pad to keep my horse from sweating, being so hot and overheating?

Within weeks Madhavan had a prototype of a breathable saddle pad developed and ready for testing. And after the very ...

Land Rover Kentucky Three (3) Day Event 2019 Ride Times Schedule and Live Stream

If you're like us you think this is one of the best days of the year, like Christmas in April!   Yes it's cross-count...
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