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Thank you for following us on social media!  By arriving on this page it means that you are curious to learn about how our products can take care of your horse, as well as you, the rider.

We realize that before we ask you to consider purchasing from 224 EQ, especially considering that our products are newly-crafted, innovative and scarce, there first must be an establishment of trust. 

We take this very seriously as our obligation to you!  And that means we must first and foremost EARN YOUR TRUST!

Therefore, we're about to say something you probably won't ever hear from any company advertising its products.  That is....

.......Please do not even think about making any purchase UNTIL ONLY after you've read further and watched the short videos that follow   We promise... they really are short!  If afterward you feel as if 224 EQ has earned your trust, we welcome you to place your order.  If still not yet, we would certainly understand and prefer that you take a pass...  at least for now.

At 224 EQ we firmly believe that "TRUST IS FIRST."



The Ride-Cool Air Vest is a highly breathable compression-resistant under-vest to allow airflow, reduce heat buildup, and move moisture away from your body - KEEPING YOU DRY beneath your riding vest.  This will keep you cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold.  It also cushions and improves weight-distribution of your protective vest, making it feel lighter and more comfortable on your body.

The Dri-Cool Air Pad is a highly breathable, compression-resistant saddle pad.  It creates airflow, minimizes heat and sweat buildup under the saddle, and allows for rapid cooling and wetness reduction. It keeps your horse cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold. The patented material provides a protective cushioning and a pressure-relief layer that increases comfort.  The weight of saddle and rider are distributed more evenly, helping to prevent bruising, rubs, pressure points and hot spots.
The Dri-Cool Air Boots are highly-breathable, compression-resistant leg boots that allow airflow beneath boots and wraps.  They reduce heat buildup and transfer moisture away from the leg to keep it cooler and drier. The patented material provides protective cushioning and a pressure-relieving layer that alleviates pressure points and increases comfort.  


We sincerely hope after reading above that you'll at least become aware that these scarce and outstanding new product innovations exist!  They were designed by experts within the equestrian domain and are proven to help both horse and rider!

To EARN YOUR TRUST please know that all 224 EQ products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  You must become satisfied ...........  otherwise please request to return your products for a full refund.  

How does that sound?

In case you're ready to purchase now we invite you to use these products for 30 days.  AND REMEMBER TO PLEASE MAKE SURE you're completely satisfied.  If not, we INSIST you contact us for a full refund.

Thank you for visiting 224 Equestrian and most of all, thank you for your valuable time and attention.  It would be our privilege and honor to take care of you! 
My sincere best wishes,

Brad Pedell 
Sales Director and Co-Founder
224 Equestrian

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